China is taking the next step in getting a grip on its soaring climate change impact.

China alone stands for over one fourth of total anthropogenic emissions and plans to add another 360 coal plants during the coming years, which is 30% of the total planned capacity. The country is well aware of its impact on climate change and natural resource depletion and thus powering ahead with its plan to reduce emissions in absolute terms from 2020 onwards. Last week the government published a list of 52 methodologies for the private sector to use when implementing GHG emission reduction projects, all derived from the UN’s CDM.

“This is very good news” says Björn Odenbro, Tricorona’s General Manager for Greater China, “The CDM has channeled over 200 billion US$ into renewable energy and green technology projects worldwide. Still, China’s coal dependency remains a major concern and CO2 capture and storage technologies will hopefully contribute a lot towards the country’s reduction targets.”


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