As reported earlier, Tricorona and the Belgian Federal Government have signed a Joint Development Agreement for the development and implementation of a renewable energy Programme of Activities (PoA) in Rwanda. A PoA is an umbrella structure that allows for multiple projects to be included and generate carbon credits at low cost leveraging on economies of scale. The renewable energy PoA in Rwanda will cater for hydro, solar and geothermal projects both grid-connected and off-grid.

The set timetable for validation midyear and registration with the UN end of 2013 is on track. DG Works Ltd, a Rwandan company based in Kigali with experience in developing emission reducing projects, has come on board in the capacity as Coordinating and Managing Entity (CME) and a small scale grid-connected hydro power project has been selected as a pilot project. Both the UNFCCC Secretariat and the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) acting as Designated National Authority (DNA) in Rwanda have been notified of the intention to seek CDM revenues for the projects under the PoA umbrella.


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