Our team is busy working with the yearly check on environmental integrity and sustainable development, and now working on Gold Standard Verification of Mali Wind Farm in China.

The Mali project is a wind farm located in the Northeast of China. It was registered with the UN in 2010 and also with the Gold Standard Foundation. The Gold Standard is a NGO backed certification scheme focusing on emission reducing projects that contribute to sustainable development.

Verification is normally carried out once a year and is a process where a third party establishes if and when emission reductions have actually taken place during a specific monitoring period. In addition to the checks and balances carried out by the UN relating to power generation etc, the Gold Standard reviews the project’s performance on indicators such as job creation and quality of employment. As an example, staff training and other measures to ensure a safe working environment are checked. Other indicators are the project’s performance on air- and water quality as well as soil condition.

“We welcome the additional scrutiny by NGOs to ensure that projects are solid and contribute to real and measurable sustainable development. In the climate change space, this is good business” says Moe Moe Oo, Managing Director of Tricorona Singapore.


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