Tricorona’s Gold Standard wind farm – Jilin Zhenlai Mali Wind Power Project (Mali wind farm) – is requesting issuance of CERs from the Gold Standard Foundation.

Mali wind farm is located in the Jilin Province in the North Eastern part of China and consists of 33 turbines with a combined total capacity of 49.5MW. GHG emissions of approximately 116,000 tonnes per year are reduced by displacing fossil fuel based power generation.

The project has created job opportunities in the area in the construction phase of the wind farm, and also limited but more qualified jobs in the operational phase.

“The project is helpful to mitigate the GHG emissions in the area, famous for being the heavy industry base of China” says Hengzhi Xu, project manager at Tricorona’s Beijing office and responsible for the gold standardization of the CERs.


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