The design documents for the Programme of Activities (PoA) Renewable Energy CDM Program of Rwanda (RECPR) have been uploaded on the UNFCCC website for the 30 days global stakeholder consultation period, an event that also marks the start of validation.

The third party verifyer, Tüv Rheinland (China) Ltd, is scheduled to go on site end of September. The first Component Project Activity (CPA) is a micro scale hydro power plant (2.9MW) developed by Ngali Energy Ltd and is expected to generate 13,000 CERs per year from 2015 onwards.

“This is a milestone in the development of the PoA” says Jenny Oakes, senior origination manager and coordinator of the PoA at Tricorona. “We are very excited about the high level of interest among project developers in Rwanda to participate in the PoA. Our intention is to register the programme with the UN before the end of the year.”

RECPR is being developed by Tricorona in partnership with the Belgian Federal Government and DG Works Ltd in Rwanda.